Do you have a goal of being an author? Do you want to get your story out? Are you ready?

Stop waiting to share your story, especially since it could transform just ONE person's life tremendously (if not hundreds or thousands)!

You could write a FULL BOOK with 100-150 pages yourself, yes, of course you could... but if that's not necessary on your radar this year or what you want to write isn't coming to you that quickly, consider writing your story out in a long chapter! Becoming an author can bring you clients, get you publicity, more speaking gigs and just increase your overall expert status.

I'd like to invite you to consider writing your story in my upcoming compilation book: Written In Her Own Words – Wise Woman Wisdom! This is a transformational book with up to 15 inspiring authors all sharing their unique stories and wisdom. The good thing about being in a  compilation book is that you get in front of so many more people than you would with your own book because all of the authors, myself and my publisher will share the book out, getting it in front of thousands more people than you may be able to do on your own.

Watch the video where I share more and scroll down for all the details. If you're serious though, please make a payment now to secure your seat OR schedule a 1on1 call with me to discuss it if you want to make sure it's a good fit.

Written In Her Own Words

- Wise Woman Wisdom

Transformational Stories of Triumph over Adversity

(Pub date: late fall 2023)

Do struggle to write for your business…about your life?

So many women have a story to tell and don't think it has value or matters. The result often leads to frustration and worse feeling invisible. 

It's time to let your story be told!

Are you ready to have your voice be heard? 

You have a story to tell. That's why I'm here.

Everything in your life has been preparing you to be who you are and to deliver the wisdom you've learned from life's challenges.

I get it. I've heard those negative voices too. Saying things like:  Who do you think you are to offer advice? What do you think you could say that anyone would want to hear about? Who would want to listen to you anyway?

That's why I'm going to help craft your message. It's a big leap saying you want to be an author, and then actually putting your writing out in the world. I'm here to help.

Your story matters! I'd love to help your share your story and get your voice out into the world. 

What would that mean to your business? The visibility and credibility of adding “author” to your bio as a business coach, healer, life coach, social media strategist, and someone who wants to leave a legacy.

A book places you in a position of authority in your industry and to be seen as the expert faster.

In Her Own Words- Wise Woman Wisdom

Transformational Stories of Triumph over Adversity


  1. Pub date: late fall 2023
  2. Word count: 1500-2000 words
  3. Amazon best-seller status
  4. New author mentoring with group calls beginning in the Spring
  5. Step-by-step structure to craft & produce your chapter


8 Group Calls

with Mary and my Publishing Team Coordinator to help give you direction for your story and landing pages, call to action and how to get clients through this book too. 

Content review

by Mary personally from editor and reader perspective

Content review

by my Publishing Team Coordinator to make sure the book reads well and is cohesive from the reader perspective

Cover Design

Professional cover design with your photo on the back

Manuscript formatting

Professional formatting of the manuscript

Manuscript PDF

PDF file of final manuscript that you can use to give out to clients or as a bonus however you want

Best Seller Campaign

Personalized Best Seller Launch Campaign run by our publisher

Marketing Materials

Marketing copy & images of the authors with the book cover to use during the campaign (all authors are expected to share the book that day as well)

Copies of Your Book

20 Copies of physical book included (Additional book ordering available for approximately $5-6 each through publisher – we won’t know exact cost until we get the book done0


Pay in full for $3597 and get all 3 bonuses below!

Or make 6 payments of $657

Get started today and secure your spot in the book! (Only 15 spots available!)


Bonus 1

Individual 60-minute Author Interview with Mary focusing on you, your business and why you shared this story of transformation in your chapter for you to use as a visibility & marketing tool. Mary will share the recording of this interview on her social sites and you'll be given the file of the video too to use however you like in your marketing, YouTube or website!

Bonus 2

Invitation to join the weekly Tuesday Writing Room to work on your chapter consistently and with support or on any other writing projects or weekly marketing content development that you need or want to do!

Bonus 3

Building Your Author Platform Workshop: this special virtual workshop will focus on how to set up your Amazon Author Page (or review your content), blogging ideas around the book, your chapter, your business, who you are and why you do what you do. (2-hours in length, date TBA sometime in 2023)


I'd love to talk to you about this co-author book. Let's do this! Grab a time on my calendar, click here today!

A Message From Our Publisher, Katrina Sawa with Jumpstart Publishing

“Hey everyone! I hope you're considering writing a chapter in Mary's book this year – it's going to be awesome! I've published a dozen compilation books now and all have gone International Best-Seller on Amazon – how would that title work for you!? I'm also a part of 14 compilation books myself and do more all the time… Why? Because they are great visibility for one. Secondly, it's a very inexpensive way to get SEEN all over social media in something everyone likes to support. It's also a great way to get clients for me. I share stories and strategies on all kinds of topics now which has expanded my reach and speaker capability.

Why I love to do compilation books is that it's EASY for the authors. I know first hand that writing my own book took me over 3 years to complete and launch. A compilation book gets you published author status much faster.  Plus, we help you write it and promote it.

Mary is a pro at helping people get their stories out so my support may be less needed for this book than others I've done but I still love to co-host the author group calls to make sure every author figures out how to best write your chapter if you’re not sure what to include. We talk about the writing, content development, marketing beyond the book, how to sell or market the book but also drive people from your chapter TO your website for more lead generation and sales with your other products, programs and services. If need be, I will also talk about the technology around all of that too I also have resources to help you get it done if you don’t have anyone. So the coaching calls are included in the investment, the Amazon best seller launch is too.”