Your secret sauce for independence

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Mary E. Knippel, Writer Unleashed

Independence…ability to act freely, self-confidence, spunk, outspoken, or boldness.

Do any of those descriptions ring a bell for you?


Well, it’s time that they did!

 Let freedom ring!

Your day of reckoning doesn’t have to come with a revolution. It can come quietly as you take a stand for yourself today by turning right instead of left on your walk today, choose something more exotic than vanilla or chocolate to celebrate July as National Ice Cream Month, prepare fish instead of hamburger for dinner, wear red (or a flattering version of a festive hue) instead of that customary (read safe) shade of beige, read a whole article, or chapter, instead of watching that sit-com summer rerun on TV.

Where on that face do you see evidence of anyone who had the ability to be outspoken…let alone bold?

That child only wanted to please and for quite a while, that was the story of the woman she grew up to be. However, circumstances forced her to see the consequences of always pleasing others at the expense of her own well-being. 

That little girl could be your daughter, your mother, your aunt, your niece, your cousin, your best friend, your co-worker…it could be YOU! 

Choose you…speak up for yourself!

You don’t have to wait until you have a health crisis to take care of yourself.

Rewrite your story!

You can choose to put yourself on that To Do List…be outspoken and buy that summer novel for yourself, then boldly read it in a bubble bath tonight, show some spunk and schedule a massage before you desperately need it and claim the freedom to take care of yourself.

By the way, taking care of yourself doesn’t mean you’ll stop doing what comes naturally to you…taking care of your loved ones…it only means you have demonstrated your ability to act freely and choose to include yourself among those whom you nurture, love and support. 

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