[Free Training] Your heart holds your future…

Your future is in your own heart…physically, emotionally and professionally.

Are you heartsick because you know what it is you want to bring forth into the world and are struggling?

Physically…because, let’s face it, without a healthy heart no one can function at full capacity. Heart disease killed more than one in every four women last year; however, there is more than one way to suffer the dis-ease of being heartsick.  

Emotionally…because without a strong connection to our feelings, a key ingredient is lacking in everything do. As if you are living in a grey scale world instead of brilliant color.

Professionally…because if you don’t know your own heart and your dreams for the future, your business can’t move forward.

How do you unleash what is in your heart?

That’s easy. Start writing things down. Keep a notebook by your bed and record your dreams and/or solutions to problems you’ve unraveled while you were sleeping. Carry paper and pencil with you everywhere and jot down random thoughts, insights, inspirations, and flashes of brilliance. For those who are deeply attached to electronic devices, tap the mental downloads into your phone or computer. Or, use your smart phone’s  tape recorder and capture your ideas on the go.

How do your dreams become real?

Keep dreaming BIG, but start small. Breaking down what you want to accomplish into small chunks allows you to have immediate success. And what happens when you are successful? You have immediate gratification and are inspired to go on to the next step to reach that goal, then the next, another, and another, and so on. For example, you don’t call everyone in your phone book on the same day to invite them to your next event. You break it down into small bits; five to seven calls or devote half an hour to making calls at a specific time.

sunrise purple flowersHow do you know you can do this?

As part of my daily writing ritual, I also read inspirational material. Several years ago, I added a wonderful quote below to my collection.


Your haunting visions of a full life are real. They will come true. You can count on it. You can put your hope in it. You will not be disappointed. Why? Because God, who fashioned your dream, is the generator of your hope. –John Kerivan 

That quote helps me take the leap to do the next scary thing…whatever it is, be it writing an article, posting to my blog, attending a networking event, or showing up to do speaking engagement. Whatever your belief system, you must be emotionally engaged to share your passion for your business. That is where you find your drive to continue. That is the spark that allows you connect with others and draws them to you.

My vision is to support women to be able to embody their story…to unleash their impact on the world, and to be a resource as they rewrite their legacy.

That is what is in my heart.

Your future is in your own heart.

Are you listening?

What is your heart telling you?

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