Writing about my Passion for Creativity

Today I am practicing my homework for Pro Track. The course I am taking through the National Speakers Assn to help me become a better speaker. I am to present a 3-5 minute talk in front of my classmates – who are all on this track to either learn the myriad of details involved in becoming a speaker, or polishing their current abilities to a more proficient level.

Creating a talk I am passionate about on the subject of Creativity is not as much of a challenge for me as delivering it. That, however, will be both nerve wracking and exhilarating. I know while I am delivering my 447 words (remembering to use gestures, move around the platform, maintain eye contact, breathe and smile) it will be both the shortest and longest 3.5 minutes of my life. I also know that I will be so proud of myself for having taken on this undertaking of learning a new skill.

Learning the business of speaking (presentation, paperwork, and punctuality), calms and coordinates the raw materials (passion, purpose and panache) are what each of us as individuals bring to the platform.

Good Luck to all my fellow Pro Trackers as we learn and grow through the rest of the year!



About Mary E. Knippel

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