[Workshop Details] The Pen’s in Your Hand Workshop


You’re in!

Thank you so much for registering for this workshop. We will be sending you specifics as the workshop draws near. Right now, you can start the writing process by spending five-minutes every day establishing your writing practice. Just the way you wouldn’t begin an exercise routine by picking up a 50-pound weight, you build your writing muscle the same way. 

Decide what time of day and where you will dedicate to showing up on the page. Perhaps go so far as to put your initials on your calendar to show that you have an appointment at that time. No one has to know it’s with your journal.

Choose your notebook and pen for fun and flair. Use a colored felt tip pen or a beautiful fountain pen. Natalie Goldberg (“Writing Down the Bones,” author) advises us to use a fast-writing pen. Your paper can be anything you wish from a spiral notebook to a leather journal. It is totally up to you the kind of “equipment” you want to use to be honing your writing craft. 

Set the timer for five-minutes and don’t watch the clock while you search for the right words. Just write! Take dictation from your soul and let the words spill out on the page. And I do mean WRITE. It must be longhand. Of course, if you are not able to hold a pen then you would participate in any way you can. I stress here that when you can hold a pen and put it to paper, your action will result in the most direct connection between your heart and your hand. 

Also…if you wish, please start setting aside a few magazines to bring to the workshop (ones you were ready to add to the recycle pile) to share for a creativity exercise.

Thank you!