Women’s Voices…


WNBA-SF Experts Women ignited!, Authors and Poets: (l-r) Mary E. Knippel, Linda Lee, Catharine Bramkamp, Linda Joy Myers, Julia Park Tracey

Yesterday, I spent time with Women’s National Book Association colleagues and new friends at a fabulous special event featuring WNBA Experts, Authors and Poetry.

I was really excited at the prospect of presenting a five-minute talk (patterned after Ted Talks) entitled  “Women’s Voices.” I based my comments on the quote many of us have heard:

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

Dalai Lama

You and I are the Western Women he’s talking about who are called to save the world and I’m asking…where are you using your voice?

Born at this time and in this environment, you are positioned to affect change by being your authentic self and sharing your gifts with the world.

You don’t have to haul water from the river and walk for miles to your hut.

You don’t live in fear and have to cover your faces in public.

You have choices on how you live your life and the freedom to change your mind.

I’m not suggesting that you be the next Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, Madame Curie, or don a cape and become a superwoman…

I am inviting you to be your authentic self, use your voice to save yourself first …then approach saving the world…going from making dinner to making a difference.

Start by listening to your own voice and your inner wisdom.

Acknowledge the women’s voices who have spoken truth into your life. Think about the women who influenced you, praised you, challenged you to push yourself to be the person you are born to be…they know your greatness even if you don’t.

Who are these women?

Perhaps …a family member, teacher, mentor, or someone in the public eye who you  have never met, but influenced you greatly.

Those women’s voices delivered powerful messages and motivated you in your thoughts and deeds.

Growing up on a Midwestern farm, I never envisioned that one of my mentors would be a feisty giant who probably stood less than 5 ft and didn’t weigh over 95 pounds soaking wet. Our beloved Effie Lee Morris is no longer with us, but I can clearly hear her voice imparting wisdom and cheering me on…”Mary, you are doing such a wonderful job as president of the WNBA-San Francisco chapter.”

Just one example of how one woman’s voice and influence. I’m sure you all have your own story.

Today, the internet is an easily accessible global platform to share your voice and your message around the world. You matter and your message matters. Your personal message has universal impact. No one can tell your story from your perspective. And someone is waiting to hear your story…it will change her life.

Speak up! Let your voice be heard because YOU are the Western Woman who is called to save the world.



About Mary E. Knippel

Mary E Knippel, Writer Unleashed and the founder of Your Writing Mentor supports women to take pen in hand to unleash their story worth writing...to leverage their impact through their stories...reclaim their voices...to polish their words so that they sparkle and shine from the start...and go from making dinner to making a difference. Contact her at mary (at) yourwritingmentor.com.