What do you and I have in common with Barbara Walters?

Have you ever been moved to tears? Not just at a sad movie, or a sentimental greeting card verse. Really moved to tears because something touched you to your core.

I know what that’s like. It’s my sincere hope that you do too. Which brings me to the reason why I titled this blog, “What you and I have in common with Barbara Walters.”

Why in the world would I have the nerve to compare myself to Barbara Walters? Or suggest that you had something in common with her as well? Remember when she did those interviews with celebrities and famous people? They often found themselves brought to tears because Ms. Walters asked such probing questions. In responding to the questions, the folks being interviewed went deep and it seemed were almost compelled to share details about themselves they hadn’t looked at for a long time. She had an uncanny ability to ask the questions the public would most like to hear.

Now, you may never have thought of yourself as a journalist, however, in going deep to unleash your story worth writing, you are a journalist. A “journalist” in the sense of writing in a journal.

Is there something going on in your life right now you need answers to? Or, something from your past that won’t let your thoughts rest. And, of course, the possibility that something could happen keeps you anxious. Getting in touch with your emotions on paper is a solution anyone can make use of.

Yes, I believe writing can do that for you. Asking yourself probing questions and writing about it in your journal will assist you in going deeper with what is going on in your life right now, coping with what has happened to you in the past, and making a plan as to how you will move forward into the future you want to have

Oh, and I’m very happy when those around me cry. As a matter of fact, I’m often the first person to cry. I’ve decided it’s my thing. I take it as a sign that another layer in the story has been unleashed.

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