The journey to Celebration…

My message for you today is about not quitting five-minutes before you realize your dream! I filled out the application to speak at Polka Dot Powerhouse Network Celebration months ago. It would be the biggest stage I’ve been on to date. I really wanted this. And I got the e-mail that I’m IN! Yippee!

I’d been preparing for the stage my whole life. When I was 8-years-old I used to stand on a beautiful stage and wow my audiences. Every ear eagerly longed to hear what I was going to say next. Of course, my stage was a giant boulder at the edge of a grove of trees and I was facing a field full of corn ready to be harvested. I just knew that I was going to be interviewed some day and I would be prepared, even if no one else in my world thought it would ever happen to me.

What is it that you are longing to do? Start a blog? Publish a book? Share your message on stage? Start today to realize your dreams.

About Mary E. Knippel

Mary E Knippel, Writer Unleashed and the founder of Your Writing Mentor supports women to take pen in hand to unleash their story worth leverage their impact through their stories...reclaim their polish their words so that they sparkle and shine from the start...and go from making dinner to making a difference. Contact her at mary (at)