Thank you, Daddy for creating a nurturing spirit in me

Happy Father’s Day to everyone this weekend! I hope you have a chance to celebrate with those who have nurtured you in a “fatherly” fashion whether they were of the male gender, or called upon to find that spirit within herself. My Daddy was the strong, silent type Gary Cooper type and a stubborn Norwegian who could be vocal to let you know when he was upset about something, but he also knew how to have fun and he loved his kids. We watched TV together – Ed Sullivan, Lassie, especially Gunsmoke, and Bonanza were favorites. And because farmers couldn’t get away easily for lengthy vacations, Sunday afternoons were special family outings with the boat. It was also difficult to do just about anything together with a family of 8! Living in Minnesota there were lots of lakes around, but somehow we ended up going to an Iowa river for our adventures. It was strange to see Daddy in anything other than his bib overalls, denim work short and Red Wing boots, but to go to the river he wore trunks and matching terry cloth shirt my mother purchased at JC Penneys. You couldn’t pay him to wear sandals, so he always wore his bedroom slippers with his bathing trunks. Mommie would make a picnic of fried chicken, or sometimes Daddy would grill. He had a special trick to get the charcoal to heat up really fast – douse it with lighter fluid! Guess that’s why his hamburgers always tasted like lighter fluid. My brother would attempt to get up on water skis, and the rest of us would splash around in the shallow, muddy water waiting for our turn to get to ride in the boat. Sometimes we’d float on black inner tubes and ride the “waves” into shore the passing outboard motors created when they sped by.

My wish for you is that you’ll have a chance this weekend to make a special Father’s Day memory and let those you love know how much you care!

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