Writing rituals increase productivity

My morning ritual includes taking up my fountain pen filled with purple ink to write in my oversized artist notebook. I like to watch the blank cream colored pages turn lavender with my words. Sometimes I write lists. Sometimes I make two columns and argue the pros and cons of a decision I’m in the throws of making. Usually, I write about the happenings of yesterday and the goings on I’m looking forward to of that particular day. It doesn’t appear to be of major consequence what I write, but it sets the tone for ALL the writing I do that day because it is how I exercise my brain.

Just as you have to warm up your muscles before any physical exercise, your writing muscles need to be warmed up as well. Establishing a writing ritual makes it easier to get your creative juices flowing. You may find yourself stressing less about writing that article, or the pieces just fell into place for a story you’ve been working on.

I write in my journal. You may want to spend a few minutes meditating, or reading something inspirational. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, just be consistent and watch what you’ll produce!