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Here we are in those lazy, hazy days of summer. Or are they? Is this the time of year where you suddenly realize in a panic that…

a.  six months have already gone by and you haven’t accomplished any of your New Year’s Resolutions?


b.  Wow! Look at how much has already happened this year and all the progress that has been realized on reaching your dream?


You are in a dizzy because there has been so much compromise and punting going on since the beginning of the year that you don’t recognize what your dream is supposed to look like any longer. The good news is today is a brand new day and there’s a still lot of the year left. 

Summer offers us opportunities to slow down and explore new options if the first half of the year has not presented the outcomes we had anticipated.  Maybe you can sign up for that Independent Study course, or check out that video series to learn a new skill. Perhaps you can take a trip to see a museum exhibit in preparation for travel to foreign shores at some future date. Whatever tasks, goals or dreams outlined on your Bucket List, there is a way to achieve them.

Take the time now to make a plan. Grab your journal and start writing! Go sit under a tree…heck…go sit in a tree, or on the beach…in the water…anywhere you want…just write it down!

Use the lazy, hazy summer days to dream, doodle and develop all the details involved in your step-by-step instruction guide to making that dream a reality! 

Do some research…start practicing…by all means get out there and start doing!

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