[Sample Module] Unleash Your Authentic Message

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Live a Life Unleashed!

Unleash Your Authentic Message (Sample Module)
Pick up your pen, or start typing, and let your imagination go. Writing is like a muscle and you can build your writing muscles if you choose a specific time to consistently show up at the page and write for at least 15 minutes. Set the timer and go!

Choose one of the options below…

1.  Tell us about your rituals…

  • what must you do every day to feel productive?
  • do you know what time of day you are most creative?
  • how much sleep do you need to deliver 100% for your clients?…for your family?…for yourself?

     2.  Write an open letter to your ideal client…addressing their pressing needs and listing                 solutions along with how serving them makes you feel

3.  Share your dreams…

  • What did you dream of doing when you grew up?
  • How do your dreams as a child correspond to what you do today?  
  • Where are your dreams taking you now?

Happy Writing!

I am committed to Inspiration, Compassion, and Synchronicity. There’s a reason why our paths have crossed and come into each other’s lives at this exact moment. I am committed to supporting you to be inspired by the wisdom of your own story, to receive compassion from and for your story and to seize this moment to unleash your story worth writing.

I know from being on my own writing journey for a long time that stepping into your story can be scary when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. I promise you that someone is waiting to hear your story right now.

I am committed to supporting you on your writing journey!

Do you want to…

  • establish yourself as an expert in your field?
  • connect with clients and customers?
  • become the Go-To Person in your industry?

Blogging on a consistent basis with quality content allows the reader to transform into clients and customers! 


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