Order and Christmas Decorating

This week as I was sorting and sifting through over 30 years of Christmas decorations, I found myself consciously choosing ornaments for the tree that had special significance rather than making sure everything was used and every branch of the tree was adorned. The ornaments I placed in prominence on the tree included:  the red and green construction paper stocking our 2-year-old daughter made at her first day care and right next to it the picture of her grinning from a Teddy Bear picture frame, my husband’s red glass globe from 3rd grade which he embellished with his name in silver glitter , my collection of  glass Hummel ornaments have survived toddler curiosity and moving across the country, bears, ballerinas, angels and since I’ve lived in Half Moon Bay versions of half moons can be found dangling from fragrant greenery. Over the years, I’ve picked ornaments on trips as a souvenir as well as a remembrance. I surprised my husband with one he’d talked about, but I’d never heard of before—Peter Pan’s alligator with the ticking clock in his stomach.  I made it a quest to find this glass vision and searched for several years when I finally found it in Christmas shop on a summer visit to Minnesota. Three pieces of Christopher Radko’s Peter Pan collection came home with me that summer:  Peter Pan, Wendy and, of course, the Alligator. As this year draws to a close I’m finding myself sorting through all sorts of feelings. I also want the world which I inhabit to reflect the calm and coordination I’m striving for in my inner world. That means I’ll be stepping back to evaluate where I want to concentrate my time and talents. I’m learning to say no when approached with requests. But, it’s a struggle to not succumb to the feelings of over whelm when there is so much I am attracted to do. Right now, I’ve got to remember that just as I choose only the most meaningful ornaments to put on the tree, it’s my choice to only DO the most meaningful projects to me at this moment in time. And that’s my plan for today— 

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