Open Space

My practice of making distinctive holiday gifts each year adds to the fun of Christmas, but they can also add to the frustration. I had the best of intentions, but the gifts won’t arrive exactly when I had planned. This year I made travel pillowcases for my great neices and nephews. I thought about each of them while choosing the fabrics and colors. The girls pillowcases are the softest fabric in pinks and purples. For the boys I choose flannel in yellows and blues with John Deere tractors, airplanes, cars, trucks and bugs. It’s a small thing, but I do it to stay connected and let them know I’m thinking about them even though we’re many miles apart. My creative spirit seems to go into overdrive at this time of year. I have all these fun ideas, they sound wonderful and I can’t decide what I want to do the most. So, I try to do it all. As a result, not much gets done before Dec. 25. A wise woman once said that despite our most heroic efforts, Dec. 25 will come at the same time every year. So, we should just enjoy the day and forget about all the things we didn’t get done. I’m trying that philosophy on for size. So my gifts will arrive a little behind schedule. After all, presents are appreciated any time!


I’ve been putting away the Christmas decorations and feel a little sad about how empty things look around here. But then, I realized how wonderful all this open space is; how thrilled I am with all the breathing room. Of course, I think that discovery has a great deal to do with my attitude as well. It’s the start of a brand new year and all sorts of delilcious possibilities ahead…what will I create? what will you create? I can’t wait–can you…

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