Making Dinner is Making a Difference

dinnertableIt breaks my heart that there are so many women who are not seen and heard. So many women who have been told that making dinner is just their role in life and not a very important role at that. I believe making dinner has a significant impact and is making a difference for you and me, along with everyone else in our lives.

The art of making dinner may sound old fashioned and the act seems a ritual these fast-paced days do not accommodate. However, I think the art and act of making dinner tells us you care about the welfare of your loved ones (including yourself)! It represents your commitment and compassion. It demonstrates organization and creativity. Above all, it celebrates love and connection.

Dinner is an opportunity to feed the body and nourish the soul.

Dinner is an adventure, an exploration and an experience that can last a lifetime. I would like the phrase “from making dinner to making a difference” to be an invitation to a new way of thinking. Yes, making dinner is a vital and valuable skill. A skill every individual needs to have to be nourished on a routine basis. The fact is, many are put in the situation where making dinner is ALL they feel capable of and are viewed as only being capable of that one thing. When the reality is that dinner is just the beginning of their contribution to the world.

I had the opportunity to be on the Women’s Empowerment Stage (hosted by Rebecca Hall Gruyter) speaking about this subject and you can now watch the video on the Women’s Empowerment Channel.


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