Make a Difference to Children

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Let’s celebrate “National Make a Difference to Children Month” with a twist. I propose honoring your inner child as well as the children in your life!

Whether you have children, are an empty nester, a childcare provider, or simply appreciate there are children in the world, we were all children at some point. It’s not too late to nurture, mentor, and make a difference in the life of your inner child.

What did you long to do as a child that you never seem to have the time or energy to pursue anymore?

Did you…

  • create concoctions in the kitchen?
  • splash in the ocean?
  • peddle madly on your bike?
  • explore never-ending trail?
  • get lost in a great story?

Did I not mention your favorite?

You can still do all of those things…and more!

Don’t think it’s important to spend time with your inner child? As much as you want to always seem like you have it all together, sometimes you just have to vent, throw a tantrum and lose control. And that’s OK. It’s, do I dare say it…normal? Even necessary. She needs to be nurtured. She deserves to have attention lavished upon her. Show her some love!

When I was growing up, my mother used to can vegetables in a pressure cooker. I can’t tell you the scientific version of what went on. I can only tell you there was a lot of bubbling and hissing during the process. The pot worked magic by releasing steam. Give yourself permission to indulge your inner child to have that bit of grace make a difference in your life.She needs to be nurtured. She deserves to have attention lavished upon her.

Also, Kim Ratz, the founder of “National Make a Difference Month” provides 100 ideas or ways to make a difference in a child’s life.

And because I don’t want to miss an opportunity to encourage reading, check out this post “5 Ways to be a Reading Role Model” from Scholastic.

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