Magic at your fingertips!


Magic at your fingertips…sounds absolutely amazing and a bit mysterious doesn’t it As if it were a special way to allow you to conjure your own outcome. Ah, what a beautiful image.

If you have ever wished on a falling star, searched for a four-leaf clover, or wore your favorite t-shirt to play a sport for luck, you have engaged in a bit of magic there.

Magic is defined as the art of producing a desired effect or result through various techniques. 

If you haven’t guessed it yet, the technique I’m talking about is writing.  Specifically, writing in a journal with a “magic wand,” in the form of whatever writing instrument you choose.

Still not convinced you can do magic?

What if I told you…

  • that you can do magic?
  • that you have power at the ends of your fingertips?
  • that you are destined to change lives through your magic?

Would you laugh, or would you lean in and ask me to show you how?

In this digital age, it is all too easy to get closed off and shut down. Closed off from the world and often shut down within ourselves. Caught up in the details of daily life, the temptation is to become oblivious to the big picture that it is possible to be one person and make a difference. 

Yes, I realize that all the details of daily life can consume and overwhelm you and here I am wanting you to add one more thing to do. Now, consider this. What if this journaling thing helped you not only cope with the day to day stress, it could help you accomplish goals, find inner peace and, dare I say this, joy in your lifeSpending as little as five minutes a day could change your life.

At the end of the day, I feel I’ve been given an invitation embrace life lessons as hard-won sweet wisdom through the pages of my journal. Wisdom revealed through the connection between my heart and my fingertips recorded in my journal. – magic!

Call it luck, mind over matter, destiny, synchronicity, angels, or spirit guides…

I want magic in my life…how about you?

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