dreamstime_xs_7211296When was the first time you were aware of the emotion in connection to a specific person, a place, or a thing? The very first time your heart fluttered? The first time you wanted to rush to be close to them. The first time you focused all your attention and lavished your affection in one specific direction.

Love in it’s purest form.

Was it your teacher? A pet? A character in a book? A sport? An activity? The latest technology gadget/game?

What about your first crush as an adolescent when you just had to send them a valentine and desperately hoped you’d receive one in return? You risked making the first move because you wanted to get their attention. Think back to your rush of anticipation when you examined the valentines you received on those occasions.  Were you thrilled to receive the sweet, pretty sentiments and didn’t trouble yourself with who sent what? Or, did you keep score to see if you received as many valentines as you had distributed.

How is your life on the passion scale today?

This is your life, not a competition to see who receives the most valentines.

On a daily basis does your heart flutter at the thought of jumping out of bed in the morning to do what you love? Are you able to share your gifts, impart your wisdom, lavish your compassion, and connect with those who would benefit from your expertise? Do you hesitate to speak up about what you love to do because you are afraid how you will be received? Let’s take writing and sharing your message as an example.

Sometimes writing can feel like sending out those valentines.

You have to risk making the first move…sharing what you write…in order to get their attention. You hope to receive some sort of response or sign that your writing has been understood. Whether you get a response or not, you have made the important first move to share your message with the world.

You have to take the risk of speaking up because if you don’t, you will remain unheard and your message will remain undelivered.

What are you passionate about? How do you show it and how do you share it?

photo credit:  Dreamstime.com

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