Let’s start a movement!

For every woman…

            • seeking to be at home within yourself
            • desiring to create something more
            • longing to know your impact

give yourself permission to design your own happily ever after!

The Unleashed Homemakertm  is about encouraging all of you who spent your whole life making sure everyone else around you “felt at home,”  at the expense of sacrificing…or deferring…your own hopes and dreams. 

Rosa Parks didn’t necessarily intend to start a movement that day on the bus. Her feet hurt after a long day at work and she didn’t think it was right to have to give up her seat on the bus. 

Anyone who knows me, would not describe me as a revolutionary either. George and Florence’s oldest girl. The shy, quiet one. Yet, here I am encouraging you all to find your voice and speak up for what is important to you…You Matter!

The dictionary describes movement as  an act of changing physical location, or position. 

It also refers to interest groups of those who share a common way of thinking.  The Unleashed Homemakertm proposes a new normal for 

those of us coping with life’s many challenges.  

Perhaps your work position has been the victim of reorganization. Maybe your marital status has changed. Your babies have either started school or gone off to college, in either case they need you less. You have an empty nest.  A job loss resulted in a disconcerting major move. You have been diagnosed with a catastrophic illness, or recently experienced the loss of a loved one. 

Two major moves accompanying two job losses and twice being diagnosed with breast cancer were my biggest catalyst for change. They provided  opportunities to re-invent myself…to come home to me. To the woman I was meant to be. As the founder of The Unleashed Homemakertm  I am passionate about you connecting with  your heart…your core…your essence…your legacy.

It’s your turn now to determine your own direction, show up and shine.

It’s time for you to Unleash!


About Mary E. Knippel

Mary E Knippel, Writer Unleashed and the founder of Your Writing Mentor supports women to take pen in hand to unleash their story worth writing...to leverage their impact through their stories...reclaim their voices...to polish their words so that they sparkle and shine from the start...and go from making dinner to making a difference. Contact her at mary (at) yourwritingmentor.com.

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