[Free training] Just breathe…

Happy woman with stretched arms in flower fieldHave you ever felt so overwhelmed you literally could not breathe?

Times like that where it is fight or flight, which do you do?

Do you dig your heals in and say bring it on…

Or, do you swallow your tears, resign yourself to having no options and go numb?

I know what that feels like

I know what both sides feel like. 

I was rear-ended in a car accident and experienced one long headache for almost a year and a half after the  accident. Yes, the incident was a pain, but that’s not the ache I’m referring to. I literally had a headache that never went away no matter how many Advil I took or long baths I soaked in. I received some relief from neck massage and finally made the connection that my headaches were from the fact I was still reliving the impact of the car accident every day. I was holding my breath and tensing up my shoulders as my bumper crumpled in and accordion folded into the trunk of my car.

When I made the connection of the pain in my head and the story I kept reliving, I was able to seek a way to find a solution to my headaches.

I was not responsible for the accident. But I am responsible for changing the story I am living so that I can move past what caused the pain in the first place.

You can too.


Sound too simple? Perhaps, but give it at try. Stop what you are doing and fill your lungs. Now breathe out slowly. Do that for five more breaths. What do you feel? Maybe not a significant difference. Maybe you will even say nothing’s different.

It works for a lot of people not just me; I’m not the first person with this little bit of simple wisdom.

Fight or flight is a choice we face every day in a hundred different ways. Tapping into my creativity, writing in my journal, seeking simple stress management techniques (soaking in a bubble bath, getting a massage, attending a Yoga class) to I manage my survival instincts.

I’m still breathing.

How do you keep breathing?

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  1. Fabulous content, Mary. And, so very needed in today’s epic times.

  2. How true, there are times it feels manic.