Just Believe…


“It’s silly, but I believe…”

Little Suzie says those words in Miracle on 34th Street when Santa asks her to have faith in him. Are there times you question something, yet want it to be true so badly your whole body is on pins and needles? I know it’s true for me. So, I want to just believe along with Suzie and keep on believing.

What do you believe? Do you believe in the power of the unique circumstances taking place in households around the world? One shining example of generosity and love makes glad the hearts of children of all ages around the world because there are caring folks who create magic and make dreams come true. If only that sense of cooperation and compassion were the norm throughout the rest of year. We have an opportunity to infuse a new spirit into all our relationships whether they are business colleagues, co-workers, casual acquaintances, good friends, a grocery clerk, a coffee barista, or your family.  

  • I believe is a wonderful way to assert a fresh approach to outside the box thinking…develop some new affirmations or rearrange the order your assert your present list for a new mindset (giving your brain a set of fresh operating instructions).
  • Be compassionate with yourself…remember you deserve patience and understanding too…today and every day just as you are patient and understanding with others.
  • Ask for help. Cooperation only happens when we allow others to participate and collaborate. Receiving is a blessing as well as giving.
  • Dream out loud…creating what we want to happen begins when we give voice to that dream out loud and declare our intentions.
  • Living in the present moment gives a perspective on the past and a front row seat of the future. 

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