Express Your Creativity today! Coaxing Creativity Tuesday Tip Jan 19

Express your creativity today! Try a new recipe, or pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers and arrange them in a vase. Buy a jazzy scarf. Rent a foreign film. Write a poem. Start a Gratitude Journal. It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as redecorating a room or trekking through Nepal.

 It doesn’t have to be anything big or dramatic; just different than your usual routine. Shake things up!

What are you curious about? Investigate!

What are you passionate about? Explore!

What have you always wanted to do, but keep putting off? Start!

About Mary E. Knippel

Mary E Knippel, Writer Unleashed and the founder of Your Writing Mentor supports women to take pen in hand to unleash their story worth leverage their impact through their stories...reclaim their polish their words so that they sparkle and shine from the start...and go from making dinner to making a difference. Contact her at mary (at)