Honoring Effie Lee Morris and celebrating Black History Month

Mary E. Knippel and Miss Effie Lee Morris WNBA-SF presidents

Mary E. Knippel and Miss Effie Lee Morris WNBA-SF presidents

This week I’ve been enjoying catching up with so many friends and colleagues from the Women’s National Book Association-San Francisco Chapter and missing some familiar faces at the San Francisco Writers Conference. 

A woman who was dedicated to the critical importance of the world of books was San Francisco’s celebrated children’s librarian, Miss Effie Lee Morris. She was my mentor, adopted favorite aunt and trusted advisor on the care and nurturing of the San Francisco WNBA chapter. As the founder of our chapter, Effie Lee continued to attend board meetings and share advise on what would help our members flourish as well as what we could do to educate the public about the great words waiting to be read.

I owe a great deal to this wonderful lady… 

She’s the reason I had confidence in my ability to lead WNBA-SF. I received many phone calls with the encouraging words, “Mary, you’re doing such a wonderful job as president.” I couldn’t help but pass that love and care on to our members. Because of Effie Lee, this little white girl from Southern Minnesota (who never saw anyone of color until she was practically an adult) had the opportunity to speak at a Baptist Church. When Effie Lee passed away, several people were invited to say a few words about her during the service…I was the first one at the microphone.

I celebrate Miss Effie Lee Morris and all those who influence us in big and little ways to live a life of truth, integrity, love and compassion. 

Who do you honor this Black History Month?

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