Get your feet wet!

Welcome summer by diving in, or at least get your feet wet! Head to the beach and feel the sand between your toes.Not close to the beach? Head to a lake, or park with a stream. (No, a pedicure is not the same thing, but I do encourage them as an important part of self-care!)

Growing up in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, there was always water around. Living in Colorado, the mountain streams were beautiful and very, very cold when you dipped your toes in! Not close to a lake? Head to the pool and splash around. Or, what about a park?

How about a fountain? Could you find a water feature somewhere and just slip your sandals off? I don’t want to encourage public disobedience, but if the situation presents itself… let your child come out an play in the water for a little bit. We visited a big amusement park and in between the sidewalks a series of small fountains erupted periodically. To many children’s delight, and the great surprise of many parents, some of the fountains got passers by wet. The children took this as permission to run through the water, treating them as giant sprinklers. The adults had not planned on a water park day and were not amused.

You decide how and when to get your feet wet…just give yourself permission to do so soon. Feel the grit of the sand as you walk along the beach. Or dig your heels into the mud of the lake shore. Enjoy the fountain raining down on your feet.

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