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Which of these women do you relate to?

Are you the woman on the left who is pulling her hair out wondering what to write about?


Are you the woman on the right who has found the secret to easily creating content for her business?

  If you hesitate to write because you don’t know what to say or where to start, take advantage of this Black Friday Offer to find out how easy it is to write for your business…or about your life. 

Your story matters. Your voice matters.

I am committed to Inspiration, Compassion, and Synchronicity! 

I am your cheerleader, architect and nudge. 

As a Cheerleader, I firmly believe that you have a message of value to deliver to the world and someone is waiting for you to share it!   

As an Architect, I am on your team ready to assist you in not only assembling your message, and also creating a strategy to share that message which allows you to feel validated and seen! 

As a Nudge, I am an accountability buddy to reassure you when the inner critic shows up (and they will show up to try to tell you that your story doesn’t matter), and to assist you to craft the story you are destined to share with the world!

I’ve created a little sampling of how I’ve worked with clients over the years to assist them in discovering their story:  a journal, audio, and a sample module of one of my pieces of training.


Black Friday Offer



Sample Module Unleash Your Authentic Message Series – Do you struggle with writing for your business? Or is there something you’d like to write that has personal meaning for you to leave a legacy for your family? The Unleash Your Authentic Message is a self-study course designed to assist you in uncovering rich material by exploring your life experiences as subject material. 

To encourage you to begin a Jornal Writing Practice, Mary has created a gift for you. Download this journal and begin your writing journey today! No need to wonder how to do this writing thing, it’s all explained in this document. Mary has included some of her favorite quotes for you to use as inspiration, or you may even use them as a jumping off point for your journal entries. 

Audio message from Mary – listen in as Mary discusses how you can tap into the wisdom of your life lessons. Discover the secret to create content for your blog or social media that will establish you as an expert and a leader in your industry,  and transform readers into clients and customers. 

Jump on this offer today! Your readers are waiting!

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