[Friday Five-Minute Writing Prompt] It is hard to believe


notebook and penIt is hard to believe…

Friday five-minute writing prompt

Take out a fresh sheet of paper. Natalie Goldberg uses a “fast-writing” pen. Use your favorite writing instrument and an unlined piece of colored paper for fun. I use a fountain pen with purple ink. Some folks opt to use their computer. If that is your preferred method to write, then just open a new word document on your computer. However, I believe the pen in hand allows for a stronger connection to hear what your subconscious has to say. Whatever your choice, during this time release your inhibitions and go for it. The point is to keep your fingers moving for five minutes and not stop. I want you to experience how much writing you can accomplish in a short period.

If you get stuck, just repeat the writing prompt –  It is hard to believe...
Or any other phrase that is comfortable for you. Do not stop to edit, correct spelling, look up a better word, or rearrange a sentence. Do not question what comes up in the five minutes: this doesn’t make sense, where did that come from, or what a crazy notion. In this timed writing exercise, you may choose whatever amount of time you want to spend writing, and set the timer (on your watch, phone, microwave, computer, or kitchen stove) then just write without any distraction from watching the clock.. Whether you use an egg timer, a No. 2 pencil and spiral notebook, your iPad, or even your iPhone, the theory is the same. Keep your fingers moving and enjoy the process of taking dictation from your unconscious self. Make a list, hum a tune, write a poem, or create a short, short story. During this timed writing exercise, give yourself permission to explore and experiment.

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