Focus on falling forward…

leapintolifeAre you falling forward?

Let’s take a lesson from nature and Mr. Emerson to simply accept the fact that we as humans will always be in a state of falling.

“…Let us draw a lesson from nature, which always works by short ways. When the fruit is ripe, it falls. When the fruit is despatched, the leaf falls. The circuit of the waters is mere falling. The walking of man and all animals is a falling forward. All our manual labor and works of strength, as prying, splitting, digging, rowing, and so forth, are done by dint of continual falling, and the globe, earth, moon, comet, sun, star, fall for ever and ever…”

From Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Essay 4

Falling is an easy posture for us to be in to look back on where we have been…the mistakes that stopped us in the pursuit of our goals…the disappointments and hurts. Why not be grateful that we’ve had the chance to go after our dreams? Pick yourself up and use the lessons learned to create a new plan. Move on one step at a time, one dream at a time, and build on the information we’ve gained and the knowledge we’ve acquired from the school of life.

Decide to keep your eyes on the horizon, and focus on falling forward into the future and not back into the past. 

Fall is a time of new beginnings…starting back to school…starting to harvest the crops…starting another quarter in the business world. 

What are you starting? 

Please share with me on my FB page how you will fall forward?

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