Do you know your numbers? Coaxing Creativity Tuesday Tip, May 11, 2010

As little girls, knowing our numbers meant counting from one through ten, or all the way up to 100. Today, the vital numbers we should be aware of correspond to May’s distinction as Women’s Health Care Month. I recently received a letter from Peggy Fleming, (yes, the Olympian and Preventive Health Advocate). No, I’m not in the habit of corresponding with celebrities. My entire Coastside community received the form letter inviting us to take part in several diagnostic screening procedures. The tests measured our risk for stroke, Osteoporosis, cholesterol (total & HDL), glucose (blood sugar), blood pressure, body mass index (ratio of height to weight), and body composition (percentage of body fat). Knowing our numbers helps us understand the health risks, and what we can do to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Tapping into our creativity by doing hands-on activities is a proven strategy to cope with daily stress. Pro-active lifestyle choices cause a healing physiology within our body when we are engaged in creative activity from gardening to cooking, reading to painting, writing in a journal or making a collage, reorganizing a closet or sorting a junk drawer, and more.

 As children, knowing our numbers was a big deal. Knowing our numbers as adults while giving ourselves permission to play is also a big deal. What will you do to do to have your test scores in the healthy number zone?

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