daisy fieldIt’s May! The bright colors and and sweet sentiments of Mother’s Day are lingering in the air. And you don’t think any of that applies to you because you haven’t “given birth!” I cherish being a mother to my darling girl. The road to becoming a parent was a long one and I’ll share that story another time. What I want to focus on right now is that there are many kinds of mothering. (Some even refer to self-care as mothering and I think that is wonderful!) As I was watching yet another commercial about honoring Mom on her special day, my heart sank for all those who would not feel honored and appreciated because they are not “mothers” in our traditional sense of motherhood.

Let’s look at this phrase from a different angle.

Have you ever come up with a new way of accomplishing a task that satisfied absolutely everyone involved…from the most senior person down to the newbies?

Have you ever invented a system which shaved time off a process, or saved money in materials?

Have you ever had an idea and ran with it until it blossomed into an article, a book, a piece of art, a physical product or program?

Congratulations, you’ve given birth to a dream!

Now, I hope I’ve given you pause to re-think how you view the concept of “Mother.” You are, of course, going to have your perspective and I’d love to hear from you about your definition, please hop over to my Facebook page.

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