[Coaxing Creativity Tuesday Tip] How do you express gratitude?

What does gratitude look like? 

 I think it has many forms:

  •  a box of candy
  • a bunch of daisies from your garden
  • an arrangement of flowers delivered in a vase
  • a green plant 
  • a batch of fresh baked cookies
  • a cup of tea 
  • a hande-made card
  • a note of appreciation
  • a wink
  • a nod
  • a tip of a hat
  • a smile of gratitude
  • a warm hug
  • attending an art show/reading/open house or gathering honorning a friend or colleague
  • spending time with someone hungry for company
  • being available to listen to a friend who just needs to know someone cares
  • showing a kindness for a fellow human being
  • showing compassion for someone in need of acceptance and understanding
Yes, it is wonderful when it is a tangible form we can consume or admire, but it is also a state of mind and an attitude.
When we were little, it meant that every gesture we received…whether it was a compliment on our pretty blue eyes, or a sugar cookie…we said thank you. If we wanted something, we said please. A very good lesson to learn. Common courtesy seems to be a forgotten gesture sometimes. Handicap and elderly seats on public transportation are routinely taken up by those who are clearly not handicapped nor elderly. Handicap parking spots are often used by those who just wanted to run in for a quick second and needed to have a close spot to get in and out fast. “How rude,” as a sit-com character on a television show my daughter used to watch would say and I agree.
When did this society lose our manners?
Where did they go?

How do you express gratitude?



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