Clarity + Confidence = Momentum = Success

Ready to rock ‘n roll in 2012? Are you crystal clear about your message and solidly confident you are reaching your clients and customers? Your communication about your business rests in your intimate understanding of who you serve, what you provide, how you deliver, when you interact, where you do business and why you are passionate about your business. No one can answer those questions for you. You are the only one who has those insights.

Recently, I had a session with my coach,  Sasha Sabbeth, the Entrepreneur Soul Coach. She is the originator of the formula:  

Clarity + Confidence = Momentum = Success.

Working with a coach helps you reduce the chatter in your head and help you bring focus about what to listen to and what to disregard. When you have a clear vision for your business our creativity blossoms, your productivity soars and your business thrives. As Solo-preneurs it is important to remember that just because we are an individually owned business, we can still create a “team” to support us in transforming our plans, hopes and dreams into reality. There are a lot of moving parts and puzzle pieces necessary to keep our business running. If you have clarity about your message and confidently provide quality goods and services your clients and customers need, you create momentum to put you in the forefront of your industry to achieve well deserved success.

About Mary E. Knippel

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