Build and rebuild your life…

DSC03094Have you ever built anything?

Whether it was a birdhouse for Scouts or Shop class…or a million dollar mansion at the beach, you went through the emotional ups and downs of frustration and joy. The frustration that things were not turning out exactly the way you wanted them to turn out. The wood was too knotty and the paint was too dark. The appliances didn’t fit where you wanted to position them because the wrong measurements were taken. You pictured it so perfectly, but nothing seemed to be going exactly the way you planned.

Have you ever felt your life isn’t turning out exactly the way you planned? 

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June is Rebuild Your Life Month. Take a minute to focus on what your life would look like a year from now if you rebuilt it starting today.

Have you been thinking about going back to school to finish your degree, or learn a new facet of your profession? Now would be a good time start reading up on what you need to do…get an application, find out what the requirements are, research grants or funding options.

Have you been longing to take a trip? Go to the library – yes, get out of the house and explore the pages of the travel section.  Take out some of the maps, spread them out, and let your fingers explore the route you would take.

Just as you wouldn’t go on a trip without a map, rebuilding your life means creating a plan of action to achieve your goals. The house was built with a firm foundation and the fundamentals.

Your rebuilding may be the result of a life change of your own choosing (or not), but you have a firm foundation to start from.

Your core is strong.

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You are determined to become the woman you are meant to be.

The house did get built and it is wonderful. Either the birds are enjoying their new home, or you are. Either way, after adjusting your attitude and recognizing the beauty in the finished product…despite the flaw of not being exactly what you had imagined…now you see that it is even better. 

The end result is joy! Joy that you have something perfectly wonderful…although somewhat different than what you first had in mind.   

The house was not built overnight and you won’t rebuild your life quickly either. What you can do is change your attitude and make up your mind that you are already living your best life because you are here now!

The rest is all in the details.

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