Break Free of Haunting Phantoms

haunts you-No trick! Halloween this week makes light of ghosts and spooky things going bump in the night…childish good fun…and then again…another day in your life if you find it difficult to escape nagging and unpleasant thoughts from your inner meanie, inner critic, or your doubter.

You want someone to wave a magic wand and make those haunting thoughts disappear…sweep them away from your consciousness and go on with life’s original programming…not so easy. Or is it? 

What if I told you that you do have a magic wand?

You can treat yourself to another perspective and change the story running in your head. Yes, and you can sweep haunting thoughts away for yourself. 

Think you know where I’m going with this? If you’ve already started reaching for your journal and pen then you’ve guessed it!

Your pen has magic powers – it is a wand to help you drive the inner doubter out of your head and create a new reality.

Sometimes writing about what’s bothering you may be the last thing you want to do, but the physical act of grasping the pen, moving your hand across the page, and forming the letters to create words, helps you assume power and control over a situation in which you previously felt powerless. 

Writing can help neutralize those haunting thoughts…  

Writing it down is not a magic bullet…where you do it once and every doubt you have ever had will be wiped away. But when used consistently, you can develop an understanding of where these doubts are coming from, why they haunt you, formulate a strategy to defuse or deflect their phantom power and relegate them to your past instead of impacting your present, and be free to have the glorious future you deserve. 

I find myself creatively energized by a routine of starting my day with at least 15-minutes of writing in my journal…taking dictation from my soul. I start my day curled up in bed with my journal, purple ink flowing out of my fountain pen and tea tray close by.

If you want to improve your perspective on life and clarify issues, I strongly suggest that you start writing in a journal. 

  1. Start writing about where you are in your life at this moment…describe your living situation, your work, and your relationships.
  2. For five to ten minutes just start writing in a “stream of consciousness.” Don’t edit your thoughts or feelings and don’t correct your grammar. Don’t censor your thoughts.
  3. Dialogue with your inner child by writing in your subdominant hand and answer with your dominant hand.
  4. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude by maintaining a daily list of things you appreciate in your life, including uplifting quotes.
  5. Maintain a log of successes…all successes the big ones:  new jobs, promotion, graduation, awards. Write down small successes: rebate checks, no cavities, all the socks from the dryer match.
  6. Start a playlist of your favorite songs and the moods they evoke when you hear a song that triggers a strong memory.
  7. Write about something you are struggling within the third person to give you a new perspective.

Override that automatic response when the haunting thoughts hijack your emotions…write it down and allow the healing to begin.

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