Mary E Knippel 9.2013 smlMary E Knippel, author, speaker, Your Writing Mentor, and founder of The Unleashed Homemakertm is fiercely committed to guiding women who have  been silent too long to polish their words so that they sparkle and shine from the start empowering them to go from making dinner to making a difference.


If you are looking for a proven professional who uses her 25 years of experience as a journalist to ask provocative questions to uncover the heart of your message with clarity and compassion, help you craft the compelling story of your business, and put you on the path to being recognized as an expert in your field, you’ve come to the right place. 


Mary’s clients come to her when they are paralyzed about where to begin, what to say and how to make sense of the life-changing message they know they are here to deliver. Mary is someone who believes passionately in her clients and the importance of their message. If you work with her, Mary will not only help you gain confidence in your writing abilities to find the words and the way to share your unique story, she makes it fun!


Mary began her path to becoming Your Writing Mentor by writing in her own journal at the age of 11 and progressed to Humor Editor for her high school paper with visions of becoming the next Erma Bombeck. Marriage, raising a family, moving across country…twice…and breast cancer…twice…have given her plenty of journal material and the basis for her upcoming book, “The Secret Artist,” part memoir and part self-help as it chronicles the pivotal role creativity played in her recovery from breast cancer. 


As a speaker, Mary calls on humor and compassion to inspire audiences to stop hiding in the shadows, living life in the safe fringe, and to step out into the spotlight to be seen. She stresses the importance of each individual and not to live a life of regret. Mary shares the story of how her family came to her with an unusual request. Her older brother had passed away and they wanted her to write the eulogy. She not only wrote the eulogy, she delivered such a heart-felt story about her brother the entire congregation was smiling through their tears.


Speaking at the funeral solidified Mary’s confidence as a speaker. Several years later (after facing down her own mortality with a breast cancer diagnosis for a second time), she fully embraced the message “you matter…your story matters,” giving talks, such as her signature talk entitled, “Pearls, Pot Roast and Perpetual Motion,” and workshops to inspire audiences with the desire to live their best life.


What lights Mary up about this work is knowing that through our work together your words will sparkle and shine and compel the audience you are meant to connect with to take action because they know your core message, who you are and what you do. You can feel confident engaging Mary to guide you and your organization to solve these problems.


What sets Mary apart from other service providers is that she has been where you are in struggling to find the words and to string them together in just the right order. She knows the triumph and that feeling of joy when you find the right combination of exactly the right words to convey exactly what you what you want to say, and to evoke the response you are looking for.  She can help you avoid the pitfalls of an aspiring writer and the challenge of a solo-preneur who fall prey to becoming overwhelmed with details and inundated with the many steps of building this new endeavor. 


Five things about Mary and her experience that might surprise and delight you…


  1. Mary’s mentor Sarah Ban Breathnach, New York Times best selling author of Simple Abundance and Peace & Plenty, wrote the foreword for her upcoming book, The Secret Artist-give yourself permission to let your creativity shine.
  2. Mary believes passionately that everyone is creative in their own way and encourages everyone to go where their curiosity takes them…go ahead…follow the whimsy!
  3. The first time Mary was on stage at age 5, she froze and forgot her lines. She didn’t get a speaking role again until the 8th grade. Shy, quiet Mary speaks up all the time now!
  4. Mary has 13 stitches in her left knee from a motorcycle accident, which happened the day before her first date…to go motorcycle riding.
  5. Mary grew up on a farm and not only does she understand the characters in NPR’s Garrison Keillor Lake Woebegon stories, she’s met them in her Minnesota hometown.


One of Mary’s clients described working with her like this:  “Mary is like a Master Baker of writers. She knows how to mix, knead and ‘let rise’ the letters that are in my mind. I have the ingredients; the ideas, feelings, and mental images. With Mary’s help, I can write what everyone will want to savor. Like a fine chef, she will help you knead your thoughts and shape your words until you can put them on paper. Then she will help you fine tune those words so your thoughts can be presented like a masterpiece. Great words served with a side of Mary.”


Leading Unleash YOU! Workshops and working one-on-one with clients who are serious about claiming their voice to tell their stories are among her favorite ways to make a difference for clients.


Clients rave about the her ability to break down large projects into manageable chunks, big picture ideas, implantation tips and step-by-step guidance they receive without having to make long term or big budget commitments. Guiding other to achieve wining results they can feel in their balance sheets is her passion and commitment. Mary is also a personal profile contributor for the Bay Area CoastViews Magazine, a DIY writing mentor blogger, and someone who inspires business owners to take control of their storytelling and media opportunities through consistent winning actions every day.


In June 1984, Mary graduated from the University of Minnesota, School of Journalism at the ripe old age of 34. She and her husband also adopted a 6-week-old baby girl in April of that year.  In November of that same year, she landed her first “professional” job as an Editorial Asst for BUYlines Magazine, a local weekly shopper. It was also her favorite job (except for motherhood), until she started mentoring aspiring writers. 


Everything Mary recommends to clients is based on tips she has put to the test to earn great results for scores of Bay Area-based clients and her own thriving practice. If she could transform from just another carpool mom and secretary to Your Writing Mentor by following her own advice, just imagine what is possible for your own growing business when you invite her to apply her direct-from-the-trenches, proven storytelling and writing tips, and winning track record to your own advantage. 


Katherine Graham said, “To love what you do and feel that it matters – how could anything be more fun.” You matter and your story matters. The time to begin is Now! 


Similar benefits await when you decide to invite Mary to serve in the powerful ways that she can support your success. Book Mary to speak to your group. Download her speaker sheet at http://yourwritingmentor.com.



The Unleashed Homemakertm

create your own happily ever after…

Does the question “Now What?” echo as a vague whisper or a loud demand?  Have you spent your whole life taking care of others and now look up to discover your family has grown up, your marital status has changed, or you are experiencing health problems? Perhaps your children have grown, or your job has been reorganized?

Mary knows how you feel and founded The Unleashed Homemakertm to help you along the journey from the woman you no longer recognize to the woman you want to become.

One of her goals she is no longer putting off is writing her book. The author of The Secret Artist, give yourself permission to let your creativity shine! Mary invites you to discover how tapping into your creativity has amazing power.  

The name homemaker brings up all sorts of thoughts and but here’s a little secret – we are all  homemakers whether we create a home environment for a family unit, or practice self-care to nurture our bodies which is the “home” we all dwell in.

 After two breast cancer diagnosis,  Mary is passionate about encouraging everyone not to wait until they have a health crisis to UNLEASH and take care of themselves.

You too can create your own happily ever after. 

Mary believes good copywriting is more than just clever words; it is words that work to convey the desired outcome of every sentence. Her method of persuasive storytelling combines your professional story with your personal insights. Asking pertinent and precise questions about your project and anticipated goals Mary creates a story, the story of your business, which draws each reader in and inspires them to respond.

Mary helps her clients move from concept to creation whatever the project:  web text, personal profiles, newsletters, e-mail campaigns, blog posts, articles or artful taglines. Using her skills as a free-lance writer, editor, speaker, and workshop facilitator, Mary encourages everyone to overcome their reluctance to embrace their writing potential and address writing challenges with fun and flair.


Mary E Knippel and Sandi Krakowski Copywriter Certification July 2012

Mary E Knippel and Sandi Krakowski Copywriter Certification July 2012


Mary E Knippel and Teresa LeYung-Ryan presenting at SFWC 2012 web

Mary E Knippel and Teresa LeYung-Ryan presenting at SFWC 2012

As an editor, Mary helps aspiring writers with their creative projects, and entrepreneur put their message into print. As a speaker and facilitator, she moderated the “Healthy Living” panel at the 2010 Northern California Storybook & Literature Festival as well as participating as a panelist at the 2010 New Media Film Festival-San Francisco Bay Area.





The Secret Artist – give yourself permission to let your creativity shine! by Mary E. Knippel, foreword by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Mary’s book, THE SECRET ARTIST – give yourself permission to let your creativity shine! (Simple Abundance Press, 2012) is an inspirational account of her breast cancer experience and the tremendous healing powers we can all access when we tap into our creativity.

A graduate of the School of Journalism at the University of Minnesota, her work has appeared in Minnesota, Colorado and California. She has also used her skills as a writer and editor to help the community and promote non-profit organizations including: The Junior League of Colorado Springs, Another MOTHER Newsletter, Cheyenne Mountain Elementary, Colorado Springs REVIEW MagazinesPARENTS PLUSColorado Springs Business Journal, and Half Moon Bay Review and Pescadero Pebble. For the past decade, she has been a writer for CoastViews Magazine.

She is a past president of the San Francisco Chapter of the Women’s National Book Assn, and a past board of the Peninsula Branch of the California Writer’s Club.